Brief description of the project:


Regional NGO hub for Central Slovenia is aimed to provide a supportive environment for activities that are necessary for the development of the NGO sector as a whole and its activities contribute to improving the strategic position of non-governmental organizations in the region.


In order to increase qualifications and to stimulate employment in NGOs, project activities are focused on providing a supportive environment - all in one place for NGOs. For NGOs from the region information, counseling, mentoring, training, use of premises and equipment are insured. In this way the project responds to the problems faced by the vast majority (91%) of NGOs that have no employees.


Through this project we insure legal, accounting and other professional services. Special attention is given to obtaining funding for the operation by ensuring support with partner applications to calls and by promoting grassroots fundraising especially crowdfunding in NGOs.


In order to NGOs in the Central region contributed to the creation of better quality and sustainability-oriented policies, the project encourages the active role of NGOs in the formulation and implementation of public policies. Activities are aimed at strengthening the skills and greater involvement of NGOs in the field of advocacy and civil dialogue at local and regional level.


With a set of joint actions we strengthen the visibility of the NGO sector, awareness of the economy, media, local government and general public about the importance and role of the NGO sector and encourage them to solve main challenges at local and regional level.




providing service support to NGOs

Informing, training, coaching and mentoring, partner notifications, promotion of employment and other opportunities for young people.


strengthening the role of NGO networks in Central Slovenia

Integration of new members, organizing of meetings of the Network and of the Network Collegium, networking with other NGOs and sectors, field office, promotion.


advocacy and civil dialogue

Strengthening the position of NGOs at the local level, involving of non-governmental sector in strategic documents at local and regional level, supporting NGO representatives in the RS LUR.


connecting with media, economy, public administration and with general public

Monitoring local elections in 2014, promoting corporate volunteering, development of massive fundraising in NGOs - crowdfunding.


Information Offices of the Hub:

Ljubljana: Vojkova cesta 63

Litija: Ponoviška cesta 12


The project is partly funded by the European Union through the European Social Fund. The project is implemented under the Operational Programme Human Resources Development for the period 2007-2013, developmental priorities: Institutional and administrative capacity; policy priorities: Promoting the development of non-governmental organizations, civil and social dialogue.


Application documents at the web site of Ministrstvo za javno upravo.


The project of Regional NGO hub for central Slovenia was  funded through 4 public callls:



Programme or initiative: Operational program Human resources Development for period 2007-2013
Beneficiary organization: Društvo Geoss

Refference number: 3111-JRNVOS-2/2009-19

Project title: HEART CONECTS ME - regional hub for NGOs "Heart of Slovenia"

Amount of the grant: 266.133,33 €



Programme or initiative:Operational program Human resources Development for period 2007-2013

Beneficary organization:Društvo Geoss

Refference number: 3111-JRNVOESS-6/2010-496

Project title: Stičišče NVO osrednje Slovenije

Amount of the grant: 229.074,00 €


3. REGIONAL NGO HUB FOR CENTRAL SLOVENIA - period 1. 11. 2012 - 30. 6. 2014

Programme or initiative: Operational program Human resources Development for period 2007-2013

Reference number: 3111-JRNVOESS-2012-181

Beneficiary organization: Društvo Geoss

Project title: Stičišče NVO osrednje Slovenije

Amount of the grant: 200.000,00


4. Regional NGO hub for Central Slovenia - period 1. 7. 2014 - 30. 9. 2015

Programme or initiative:Operational program Human resources Development for period 2007-2013

Reference number: C1711-14-130081

Beneficiary organization: Društvo Geoss, Društvo za podporo civilne družbe

Project title: Stičišče NVO osrednje Slovenije

Amount of the grant: 110.000,00


Contractors of the project:


Association for the development and protection of GEOSS/ Društvo za razvoj in varovanje GEOSS-a

Vače 10, 1252 Vače

Tax number: 15826864

Registration number: 1161865


Civil Resource Centre/ Društvo za podporo civilne družbe

Ul. Franca Mlakarja 46, 1000 Ljubljana

Tax number: 27218279

Registration number: 4056124



Klara Kržišnik, Project Manager

P: +386 59 927 619




Programme or initiative: Europe for Citizens programme, Action 1, Measure 2.2
Reference number: 2010-2804/001-002
Beneficiary organization: Društvo Geoss
Project title: Twinfos-twinning information and support
Amount of the grant: 52.410,00 €

About the project

In the year 2011 Geoss association started with the implementation of the project TWINFOS which is co-financed from the European Commission, under the Europe for Citizens program.

Europe for Citizens is designed to co-finance the international projects, which aim to promote active European citizenship. By bringing together residents of local communities across Europe and the networking of NGOs and other organizations that operate within civil society, the European Union wants to improve civil society participation in building Europe.

In this project Geoss Association was cooperating with a partner Association from Romania EYfSD-European Youth for Sustainable Development acting as a connecting link between communities from both countries. European Youth for Sustainable Development is youth organisation formed in Craiova, which desires to have an impact in society by facilitating young people development, so that they can take an active role in the environments sustainable development. The EYfSD Association intents to reach their goal by developing a proactive attitude amongst youngsters, as well as facilitating their continuous personal and professional development, creating a European perspective and developing a deeper understanding of society's daily issues, while encouraging the on-going search for innovative sustainable solutions, creating and promoting opportunities which encourage cultural diversity, communication and youngster networking and strengthening the links between the corporate environment, the academic one and the civil society to increase their impact in society.

The project "Twinfos - information and twinning support« was intended to improve town-twinning , exchange of best practices, the experience of stakeholders and developing new skills and knowledge. In this way we help to connect people from different countries, intercultural dialogue and exchange of experiences that will enrich the treasury of knowledge of citizens.

We organized four workshops and an international meeting where the officials nad organizations representatives of both countries had a chance to personally interact and discuss possible twinning opportunities. Our aim was to raise the public awareness of the concept of town twinning and its positive effects (increased international cooperation in various fields, enhanced tourism, and understanding of different cultures).By getting to know people from other countries and cultures, the local people learn more about intercultural dialogue and diversity by sharing and exchanging experience they acquire new skills and knowledge. We promoted the concept of town twinning with the web site of the project, which contains a database of best twinning practices Also we promoted the town twinning with brochures, pamphlets, publications in local newspapers and different awarnes raising events.

The ultimate goal was to achieve at least five newly twinned towns, thus contributing to intercultural dialogue and better understanding between different cultures. Twinning provides individuals and organizations with the opportunity to socialize, participate in common interests and establish the long lasting friendships.

Project manager: Barbara Možina 
P: +386 59 927 619 


ECRC – European Civil Resource Centre


The initiative "European Civil Resource Centre" aims to facilitate the civil organizations and public institutions to take active participation in the processes of forming European policies and decision-making by overcoming the information deficit, providing additional information about the resources and opportunities that the "Europe for citizens" Program offers, and by building stable long-term partnerships on national and European level.


The Network of Civil Resource Centers is composed of independent (European and national) virtual and real centers for citizens and NGOs that provide information and expert help on European issues and support the creation of partnerships for joint realization of campaigns of common interest.


The Centers are located in 12 European countries and function as informal civil representations in Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Italy, Austria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Latvia, Denmark and Slovenia. Official partner in Slovenia is Association for Rural Development LAZ, activities and support center is carried out by Civil Resource Centre.


The purpose of the project:

Support and development of a stimulating environment for increase civic participation at national and European level by building of a wide European network of civil society support centers.



  • Extension and the establishment of European civil information / support centers in the partner countries

  • Providing a support in the field of the Europe for Citizens program

  • Organizing meetings and workshops for representatives of the target groups

  • The development of long-term partnerships between stakeholders

Registration in the Network of partners: (tab "Partnership").



Gabrijela Babič, project manager

P: +386 70 303 321




This project is funded by the European Commission.


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