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  1. Civil Resource Centre/ Društvo za podporo civilne družbe 

  2. Association for the development and protection of GEOSS/ Društvo za razvoj in varovanje GEOSS-a

Civil Resource Centre 

The idea of starting the Civil Resource Centre was born when the founders of it were implementing a project about the active citizenship and realized that this topic is still just a concept without any real realization in a society which is apathetic and disconnected from the national democratic decision-making processes. At the European level, the active civic participation is significant in more reduced scale. The main objective of the Civil Resource Centre is to provide assistance to individuals and non-governmental organizations for effective participation in European policy and for active use of rights, which, as European citizens have. The Centre provides information and offers assistance in finding partners at national and European level. It encourages and supports civic participation in European concerns by providing knowledge and useful information. This aims to improve the conditions for involvement of civil society at national and European level. The Centre wishes to contribute to a larger number of project applications to the program EZD, Erasmus+ and other similar programs and initiatives.

The objectives and vision of the Civil Resource Centre, based on the perception of the problems in our modern society are:

• To motivate and support civil participation in the processes of creating national and European policies

• To motivate and support civil participation in the processes of creating national and European policies through the program "Europe for Citizens" and other related national and transnational programs.

• To create and develop the capacity (knowledge and experience) for a successful European participation in policy-making by building long-term partnerships and networks at national and transnational level and to improve conditions for civic engagement at national and European level.

• To improve conditions for civic engagement at national and European level

• To improve the quality of life in local communities

• To develop new business, social entrepreneurship

• To raise the capacity and inclusion of NGOs and integration with other NGOs in Europe

Association for the development and protection of GEOSS

Aims and activities of the organisation:
The Association for the development and protection of GEOSS was founded on the basis of the "GEOSS project". GEOSS - The Geometric Centre of the Republic of Slovenia was approved on 16th June 1981 by a special municipality-appointed Initiative Committee. The committee decided to speed up preparations for the setting up of a special memorial marker on the very place of geometrical center of Slovenia. The memorial marker which represents the center of Slovenia was set on the 4th July 1982 in the calculated spot in the village of Slivna.

This patriotic project covered different tasks, the management of the wider area of the geometrical centre of then Socialist Republic of Slovenia and village of Vače to archaeological sites on the slopes of Klenik, in conjunction with various events, literature, memorabilia and other tasks. GEOSS is of high symbolic value to the Slovenians, it represents the heart of our country, and that is something all Slovenians have in common. The Association is working towards transferring this symbolism into specific projects and development initiatives, key focus being to integrate diversity in the common roots of all Slovenians, which is also the Association's goal - to create links between different aspects of human creativity and national identity, regardless of age, belief, religious or party affiliation or other differences.

The Association is interdisciplinary and operates on three levels: it contributes to the development and greater recognition of the wider area of Vače and Slivna, at the regional level it performs the function of a support system for NGOs, and at the national level it acts as a cultural focal point for national identity, and is also the keeper of the wider GEOSS area. Lately, it has also been actively seeking to participate in EU projects and gain international experience to raise the quality of performance at all levels.

In 2003, the Geometric Centre of Slovenia Act was adopted, which puts GEOSS in a unique position, since Slovenia is the only country in Europe with an established legal geometrical center.

In 2005, the government bought ownership of the area of GEOSS and granted management of the site to the Association by a concession agreement. 

In early 2009 the Association established a regional hub for NGOs and assumed the role of a supportive environment for associations, private institutes and fundations in the Central Slovenia region. The project, named "Heart Connects Me", is co-financed by the European Social Fund and the Republic of Slovenia and coordinated by the Ministry of Public Administration.

Core activities of the Association GEOSS are:

The tasks covered by the concession contract: maintenance, restoration, upgrading and modernization of the GEOSS marker, preparation, maintenance and updating of routes and route designations and other infrastructure in the area, the organization of traditional cultural events and care for the popularisation of GEOSS, and issuing publications and press releases. 


Project: Regional NGO hub for central Slovenia, Ponoviška 12, Litija. Regional NGO hub for Central Slovenia is aimed to provide a supportive environment for activities that are necessary for the development of the NGO sector as a whole and its activities contribute to improving the strategic position of non-governmental organizations in the region.


Integration and development of the wider area of Vače and Slivna: management and implementation of development projects, coordinating and organizing events in the area, tourist information point management, promotion of the area, publishing promotional materials, theatrical, educational and tourist guidance in the area.

The Association has 107 members, of which 52 are active, membership covers the entire territory of Slovenia. In 2004, the Ministry of Culture had appointed the Association the status of public interest organization.

The Association employs 4 persons.

President of the Association is Mirko Kaplja and the legal representative is Ana Kolenc.


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